Pengalaman Homestay di Jepang (Bagian 1)

Waktu baca: 3 - 5 menit Ketika masih berstatus sebagai mahasiswa S2, gue sempat ikut program mengajar Bahasa Inggris di beberapa SMA yang terletak di luar Tokyo. Dari program-program itu pula gue jadi bisa mengalami yang namanya homestay di rumah orang Jepang yang ga bisa Bahasa Inggris sama sekali (kecuali host sister gue). Berkat homestay… Continue reading Pengalaman Homestay di Jepang (Bagian 1)


The Series of (Un)planned Trip: Okutama & How to Escape Summer

Reading time: 3 - 5 minutes I don't like Japanese summer. The heat, the humidity, the smell of stale beer mixed with sweat, and people who don't use deodorant, those things make my experience of summer in Japan kind of horrible. Because of that, I choose to go back home to Indonesia to avoid the… Continue reading The Series of (Un)planned Trip: Okutama & How to Escape Summer

A “New” Instagram Account

I know I haven't posted any new blog posts about my trip in Japan since last March but the reality is that I've drafted three posts about (un)planned trip that I haven't really bothered to proofread and post. Because I don't know when I'll post those drafts, I've decided to revive my old instagram account… Continue reading A “New” Instagram Account

The Series of the (un)Planned Trip: Ginzan Onsen

Last month, me and my friend visited Yamagata for a short 2-day trip. We went there to visit the famous hot springs village known as Ginzan Onsen. It looks really nice in several pictures people posted on Instagram. Other than that, there is a very popular beef called Yonezawa Beef in Yamagata. So, with Ginzan… Continue reading The Series of the (un)Planned Trip: Ginzan Onsen

The Series of the (Un)planned Trip: Matsumoto

Do you agree with the saying 'Most of the unplanned trips are the best ones'? Because I do. One of my favorite things to do since I was a high school student is to go on an unplanned trip. I like it even more now that I live in Japan. I know that Indonesia has… Continue reading The Series of the (Un)planned Trip: Matsumoto